thumbnail Design News: Dynamic Heat Generators and Ogura Electric Clutches
In the November issue of Design News, there was an article featuring Ogura clutches fora heat generator system.

thumbnail Design News: Life Saving Rescue Tools at Work
In the May issue of Design News, there was an article featuring Ogura spring-applied brakes for portable x-ray machine.

thumbnail Design News: X-Ray Machine Visits Patients Rooms
In the September issue of Design News, there was an article featuring Ogura spring-applied brakes for portable x-ray machine.

thumbnail Design News: A Unique Way to Service Wind Generators
In the August issue of Design News featuring Ogura spring-applied brakes for a wind generator service elevator.

thumbnail Design News: Applying Permanent Magnet Brakes in Targeted Biopsy
In the May Medical Trendwatch issue of Design News, there was an article featuring Oguras permanent magnet brakes for targeted biopsy.

thumbnail Ogura Presentation on TX series Hydrogen Pump
Ogura Presentation on TX series Hydrogen Blower at the Orlando Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition- November, 2011: In-situ Anode Recirculation Rate Measurement Method.

thumbnail Ogura Electromagnetic Particle Clutch Helps Build a Solid Foundation
In the October issue of Design News, there was an article featuring Oguras OPC-80 magnetic particle clutch for a system that helps detect bedrock for anchoring oil platforms. To view the Design News article, please visit

thumbnail Ogura Electromagnetic Clutch Helps Hollands Newest Powerplant: A centuries old windmill
In case you missed it, the August 23rd issue of Machine Design showed the attached article from our application in Europe retrofitting the old Dutch windmills with generators. The article shows how new technology can be added to old technology without detracting from the historic design. To view the article as it appeared in Machine Design, please visit

thumbnail Ogura Electromagnetic Clutch Helps Portable Data Collection System Profiles the Ocean
In case you missed it, this month's issue of Design News featured Ogura multiple disc clutches for a company called the OceanScience Group. The Ogura MDC clutches were chosen because of their high torque and compact size. The clutch allowed a probe to be positioned at the proper depth to measure temperatures in different oceans around the world.

thumbnail Ogura Electromagnetic Clutch Helps Doctors Increase Efficiency
In the May issue of the Design News Medical Trend Watch, an article by Ogura showed how eye doctors were using a spring-applied clutch to achieve a finer control of a vision testing table. The article explained how the MCSC spring-applied clutch allowed doctors to adjust the equipment to a patient's height quickly giving a more accurate position and decreasing the time patients need to spend with the doctor.

thumbnail Ogura electromagnetic clutch helps keep century old clock ticking
In the April issue of Machine Design, Ogura was featured in an article describing how an old clock was modernized with the help of an Ogura electromagnetic CT-20 clutch. The attached article is what was originally submitted to Machine Design. To view the article as it appeared in Machine Design, please visit

thumbnail New Trends in Electromagnetic Braking Technology
In the February 2012 issue of Motion System Design, Ogura contributed both pictures and information regarding the current trends in braking technology. Ogura's information was focused in two separate categories of consumers and industrial customers.

thumbnail Ogura Electromagnetic Clutch Single Axis Speed Increaser
In the August issue of Machine Design, the concept for speed increaser/clutch was shown in the "Scanning for Ideas" section. The concept of the device is to increase speed of alternators/generators on idling gas and diesel engines so the engine should not have to rev as high to provide electrical power. To view the article as it appeared in Machine Design, please visit

thumbnail Ogura Electromagnetic Particle Clutch Produces Tensioning in Winding
In the June 2011 issue of Motion System Design, the attached article was run showing how Ogura magnetic particle clutches and brakes, and Ogura permanent magnet brakes are used for controlling tension on film and wire applications.

thumbnail Ogura Electromagnetic Zero Backlash Brakes in Magnetic Therapy
In the Medical Trend Watch of the May issue of Design News, the Ogura RNB spring-applied brakes were highlighted as a component used by Neuronetics Corp. in their magnetic stimulation anti-depression machine. The story cited an editorial from The Wall Street Journal showing how this new technology is helping people treat depression without pharmaceuticals.

thumbnail Ogura Hydrogen Pump Helps Power The World's Largest Fleet of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hybrid Buses
In the January issue of an article featuring Ogura's new Hydrogen Pump was featured showing how this new pump has helped fuel cell systems achieve longer hours of operation at greater efficiency. Detailed information was given regarding Ballard's experience with their fleet of fuel cell buses. The article has already generated interest from customers hoping to achieve similar increases in efficiency and overall fuel cell life.

thumbnail Ogura Hydrogen Pump Helps Make More Efficient Fuel Cells
In the December 9th issue of Machine Design, an article was written showing how Ogura's new hydrogen pump helped Ballard achieve higher efficiency and long life in mobile fuel cell applications. The article featured the buses that were used in the 2010 Olympics and explained how Ogura's new Hydrogen Pump has allowed continuous operation of those buses with significant operating hours.

thumbnail Ogura Electromagnetic Brakes Help Depression Treatment Machine
In October, Design News posted an article on their website showing how the Ogura Spring Applied Brake (Model RNB) helped Neuronetics provide accurate positioning of a Depression Therapy Machine. The article explained the advantages of Ogura's RNB design when used in medical applications.

thumbnail Ogura Supercharger Relies on Wankel-style Rotors
The October issue of Machine Design explained how the Ogura Supercharger is able to operate at such a high efficiency. The article showed a cut-away and explained the component parts of the supercharger along with its operational advantages.

thumbnail Ogura Air Pumps find New Applicatons
The February edition of Diesel Progress highlighted the technology of clean air. One of those articles showed how the high efficiency Ogura Air Pump can help to eliminate diesel particulates by assisting to burn off filtered particulates. The article also explained how smaller high efficient air pumps are being used in fuel cell applications to help push air and hydrogen through the fuel cells proton exchange membrane creating electricity.

thumbnail The Basics of Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes
On July 9th, Machine Design published an article written by Ogura on considerations that design engineers should follow when designing in electromagnetic clutches and brakes. The original article that was submitted is attached as well as the link to the article in Machine Design.

thumbnail Getting a Handle on Inertia UPDATE
There is a typo in the low speed formula. The reflected inertia of LG1 is currently listed as JLG1/(NS2/NL1)2. The correct formula should be JLG1/(NL1/NS2)2. In the high speed operation the reflected inertia of large gear 2 and small gear 1 is repeated twice. JLG2 + (JLG1/(NL1/NS2)2) should be eliminated from the first half of the equation. These mistakes were caught by Neal Middleberg, who is the Chief Engineer of Bowe Bell and Howell, who uses this type of formula to help define total system inertia in complex machines.

thumbnail Ogura Electromagnetic spring-applied Brake helps out high-def eye in the Sky
In the December 11th issue of Machine Design an article, In the Reporters Notebook section, talked about how the Ogura Spring Applied Brakes help the Action-Cam Company control their high definition stadium camera. The link above shows the article as it appeared in the Ogura Newsletter. If you would like to see the Machine Design article please visit

thumbnail Diesel Progress: Ogura (Super)charges into Marine Diesel Markets
In April 2008 Diesel Progress ran an article about Ogura's advantages for the supercharger when used with marine engines.

thumbnail Ogura Electromagnetic Spring-Applied Brakes Help the Search for Intelligent Life
The original article for this story appeared in some industry newsletters in 2006. The attached story is the full article that appeared in PowerTransmissionEngineering magazine. The article describes how Ogura brakes are being used to help position radio telescopes as they search for intelligent life in the universe.

thumbnail Diesel Progress, North American Edition, Superchargers coming back into focus
In March of 2007 Diesel Progress ran an editorial describing how Ogura's high efficiency superchargers helped Kawasaki jet skis and other manufacturers achieve higher horse power output. The article also describes how by utilizing Ogura electromagnetic clutches superchargers can be engaged and disengaged only when needed to reduce parasitic loads.

thumbnail Hydraulics and Pneumatics: Pump clutches save energy, wear and tear.
In December and article in Hydraulics and Pneumatics discussed how Ogura pump clutches can be used to decrease pump wear and fuel efficiency in both mobile and stationary applications.

thumbnail Machine Design: Along came a Spider mower
This news article from the August 5th edition of Machine Design shows Ogura PTO clutches on a new type of remote control mower.

thumbnail Machine Design: Gas-powered oil-well pumps: ELECTRIC CLUTCH MAKES THEM PRACTICAL
Machine Design ran an editorial in their August 7 edition on how Ogura's clutches are being used in the oil field industry to allow natural gas engines to cost effectively replace electric motors on pump jacks and how ideally they are suited for continuous exposed environmental conditions.

thumbnail Design News: Electrifying Kart
In July, Design News ran a paragraph in their FLASH section, which denotes new and notable product designs. The article highlighted how the ST1W electromagnetic clutch allowed a go kart to achieve speeds in excess of 100 mph.

thumbnail Machine Design: A Fan of Fuel Savings
Editorial in Machine Design shows the advantages of using an Ogura electromagnetic clutch for engine driven fan applications. Fuel savings, reduced emissions and faster engine temperature climbs are some of the key advantages for both on and off road applications.

thumbnail Design News: How to Catch Torque
This article from Design News shows how effective an Ogura magnetic particle brake can be used in an arcade game. The article shows how a magnetic particle brake can simulate line pull in the arcade fishing game called "Angler King" from Namco.

thumbnail Design News: Clutch/Brake Maximizes Portable Sawmill Efficiency
Ogura Industrial provides TimberKing with a clutch/brake that enables a rotating band saw to be started and stopped remotely. Now an operator can remain behind the mill and control all functions. Upon cutting power to the clutch/brake, the brake slows to meet pre-set stop time requirements. Remote control over blade engagement and disengagement also minimizes the stress on the blade band.

thumbnail Newsletter: Auxillary Power Systems for Trucks
Ogura Industrial was featured in an industry trade magazine showing how a small horsepower diesel engine and a number of Ogura clutches can run the various generators and compressors required on a tractor trailer. The advantage with running the smaller horsepower engines is that the drives do not have to run their large diesel engines all night long just to provide heat and electricity. A full version of the article as it appeared in the Ogura newsletter is attached to the link.

thumbnail Trouble Shooting PTO Clutch/Brakes
With the increase in usage of electric PTO clutch/brakes in the outdoor power equipment industry, many customers are doing their own trouble shooting of PTO clutch/brakes. The following is an article that was originally published in 1995, but it is still relevant today. However, before proceeding with any of the numerical references in the article, please check with the manufacturer to confirm the specifics for the clutch you are using.

thumbnail Machine Design: Electric Clutches on the Go
Ogura Industrial was featured in the October 19, 2000 issue of Machine Design. The article entitled "Electric Clutches on the Go", show the advantages of Ogura clutches on gas and diesel engine applications.

thumbnail Design News: Magnetic clutch controls bottle-capping torque
Ogura Industrial was featured in the October 16, 2000 issue of Design News. The article entitled "Magnetic clutch controls bottle-capping torque", showed how Ogura engineering brings a better twist to the bottling industry.

thumbnail Design News: A paper pusher extraordinaire
Ogura Industrial was featured in the May 15, 2000 issue of Design News. The article, entitled "Magnetic-particle clutch ENDS paper chase", showed how Ogura engineering helped in speeding up Kodak's Document Scanner 9500.

thumbnail Design News: Redesigned Mower Brake Stops On A Dime
Ogura Industrial was featured in the April 3, 2000 issue of Design News. The editorial article, entitled "Redesigned Mower Brake Stops On A Dime", showed how Ogura engineering overcame a design challenge at Simplicity Manufacturing.

thumbnail Machine Design: Getting a Grip on Clutch and Brake Selection
Ogura Industrial was featured in the September issue of Machine Design. The featured article, entitled "Getting A Grip On Clutch And Brake Selection", detailed the proper steps that should be taken when selecting an electromechanical clutch or brake. The article also highlighted the importance of inertia when selecting a clutch and brake and the free inertia calculator on our web site was highlighted.

thumbnail Getting a Handle on Inertia
Ogura was featured in an article similar to this one in a recent issue of Machine Design. The article discussed the importance of calculating inertia in an application to determine how much torque is required from a clutch or a brake. A key highlight of the article was showing Ogura's on-line inertia calculator. That saves engineers time in doing complex inertia calculations. (For more information on this, go to the inertia calculator portion on our website.)