AMU-C Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake
(Torque Range: 2~70in-lbs / 0.25~8Nm)

Clutch/brake units are designed for general industrial use. Unit features die cast housing with double bearing support on the input and the output shafts. Units come standard with zero backlash armatures but can be modified for high cycle applications using a zero gap armature. Modular simple 1 piece construction means no adjustments required. Clear plastic cover allows you to see inside the unit without having to remove the cover.

VSAU Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake
(Torque Range: 9~37ft-lbs / 12~50Nm)

Clutch/brake combination unit designed for general design applications. Both with input and output shafts have independent double bearing support. Housing includes external heat sinks for better heat dissipation and an easily accessible external mounted wiring block.

MP Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake
(Torque Range: 4~443in-lbs / 0.5~50Nm)

Clutch/brake units are designed for extremely fast response, a high cycles applications. Because of a special no gap armature design, there is no need to adjust for wear. Units are self adjusting and there is a consistent time to speed and time to stop. Low inertia components and low voltage fields allow for very fast response time. Small units are designed with finned housings to provide superior cooling. Additional friction materials like ceramics can be used to significantly increase overall cycle life.