Film Sheet Tensioner diagram


Ogura permanent magnet hysteresis brake is used to control the tension of material as it goes through a process.

Products Used

Ogura's new PHT permanent magnet brake.

Size Used

Will depend upon torque required to control proper tension.

Description of Operation

Material is pulled through a manufactured process. As it goes through this process, it is required to be held to a certain tension. The tension on the material exeeds the weight of the material itself so a pinch roll system can be used. To achieve good frictional contact on the rolls and get the proper amount of tension that is required, two rollers are pressured against each other. The material passes through the center of the rolls. As it is pulled through the rolls, the top roll is connected directly to the PHT shaft applying the proper tension.

Reason for Selection of the Ogura PHT Brake

Since the PHT brake does not have any internal frictional wearing parts, it lends itself to constant duty, long life applications. Also since there is minimal difference between static and dynamic conditions, torque control is very accurate. Each PHT unit is variable in torque and can be physically set to achieve different torque values so if the customer is running different types of materials, he can simply reset the PHT to achieve the torque required.

Other Applications

Although the type os material was not mentioned in this applications, typical examples would be:

  1. Holding tension on shrink wrap for packaging applications.
  2. Large film processing such as X-Ray and specialized photographic film.
  3. Printing applications on plastic film (both contact and non-contact methods).