Laser Printer Drive diagram


Ogura clutch to engage drive roll for paper feed on laser printer.

Products Used

Ogura MIC series.

Size Used

MIC 5 (some applications, 2.5).

Description of Operation

Paper sits in the paper tray and then when required to feed through the laser printer the Ogura clutch is engaged. Once the paper exits the paper path the voltage is stopped to the clutch which disengages the drive roll.

Reason for Selection of the Ogura MIC Clutch

The Ogura MIC series was specifically developed for paper handling applications. The clutch has a very compact size (about 1" square) it also includes an integral gear and a preformed D cut bore. This makes installation of this clutch very simple. Current production volumes on this clutch are extremely high and because of these high manufacturing volumes the selling price to the customer is very low. The MIC clutch is also bi-directional. This means that if a paper jam occurs and the customer forcibly tries to remove jammed paper the clutch will not be damaged by turning in reverse. Some competitive wrap-spring clutches are only suited for one way operation and forcing them into reverse can cause breakage.

Other Applications

Besides laser printers devices such as copy machines, document feeders, and sorting machinery are all potential applications for the MIC series. Any business machine manufacturer that makes a machine that handles or feeds paper will have potential for Ogura clutches.