Photo Picture Cut Off Machine diagram


Ogura electromagnetic clutch and spring applied brake used to stop and start photo processing sheet for cutting.

Products Used

Ogura SNLB spring applied brake and AMC electromagnetic clutch.

Size Used

For this application the SNLB1 and the AMC10 are used. Both these units are rated at approximately 9" lbs.

Description of Operation

The photographs negatives are developed on one continuous processing sheet. As the sheet moves into the cutter section, a mark is picked up by the photo-eye which triggers the control to disengage the clutch, and engage the brake simultaneously, then cut the picture.

Reason for Selection of the Ogura SNLB Brake and AMC Clutch

The Ogura AMC series clutch has a double bearing configuration in the rotor pulley area. Since this cut off section can see air born contaminants, the double ball bearing in the Ogura AMC series easily outperforms most of our competitors bushing mounted rotors. The SNLB spring applied brake from Ogura is a lower cost version of the existing SNB brake. Although the function of this brake is the same as the SNB, substantial costs have been taken out of this unit that makes this a much more competitive brake to the marketplace. By utilizing a spring applied brake versus a power applied brake, the operator of the machine can stop it in mid-cycle and not lose his registration. This is especially useful in small photo development companies where the person processing the pictures also has other job functions.

Other Applications

Besides cut offs for photo processing equipment, there are many cut off applications in the packaging industry. Packet cut off machines containing sugar or coffee typically use combination clutch/brakes. Food processing equipment will also often have cut to length applications. The advantage of using an electric clutch or brake versus some type of cam mechanism is that if the length of the material being cut off varies, you can simply adjust the pick up location or the time interval.