Wheel Balancer diagram


Ogura brake used for stopping wheel balancer.

Products Used

Ogura electromechanical brake.

Size Used

B-50 (or others if required).

Description of Operation

The motor operates the shaft which is bearing supported. There is a bearing with a sensor that measures wheel balance. Where the wheel is out of balance, weights are added by the operator. When the motor is shut off, the Ogura brake stops the tire from rotating.

Reason for Selection of the Ogura Electromechanical Brake

Because of the high inertia of the tire, when power is turned off to the motor the tire would continue to spin for some time unless a brake is applied. The simple Ogura brake allows the tire to stop relatively quickly and allows the operator to proceed with balancing another tire without waiting for the unit to coast to a stop.

Other Applications

With any rotating application that has some type of inertia spinning, a brake can always be used to decrease the stop time. Items such as this balancer, a potter's wheel or centrifuge are all examples where a brake can be used to help slow down the load.