In a typical hydraulic pump application, the clutch is mounted on the input shaft of a hydraulic pump. Since the clutch has an integral pulley, a belt is used as the input to the clutch. This belt is normally driving directly from a gas or diesel engine. When there is no power to the clutch, the hydraulic pump does not engage; however, when power is supplied to the clutch, the hydraulic pump is engaged to provide hydraulic pressure.

In this type of application, the hydraulic pump and clutch are mounted together. Sometimes the clutch is mounted directly to the pump (there needs to be a special adapter face on the pump) or more commonly, a mounting bracket is used. This bracket has an SAE mounting on one side to hold the pump in place and four holes on the opposite side to hold the field coil of the clutch. The feet of the mounting bracket then mount to a bracket on the engine.

Tow Truck
(Hydraulics raises boom)

Snow Plow
(Hydraulics raises blade)

Marine Winch Drive
(Hydraulics run winch)

herry Pickers
(Hydraulics raises arm)