Air Pump For Fuel Cell

In a PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cell; air, water and Hydrogen are forced with great accuracy into the Fuel cell. By controlling the relationships between air, water and hydrogen going into the fuel cell, large amounts of electricity is generated. This electricity can be used to run homes or drive electric motors for Electric Cars and Buses.

Air pumps used by the PEM Fuel cell manufactures are close coupled and direct driven by efficient Brushless DC motors. These motors get their power from the fuel cell itself (they are a parasitic load on the fuel cell). Fuel Cell manufacturers surveyed the industry for the most energy efficient air pumps and Ogura air pumps were found to be one of the most efficient and cost effective pumps available. The high efficiency in the air blower is a great way to reduce the parasitic loads on the fuel cell and, at the same time, reduce the overall size and cost of the system. By having more efficient blowers from Ogura, the Fuel Cell can produce more power, with less weight and bulk than other systems.