Air Pump For Shuttle Trains

Because of their size and efficiency Ogura air blowers are being used to provide the lift for shuttle trains. Similar to a hover craft these hover trains are lifted by an electric motor turning the Ogura air blower. Each blower powers a number of the 86 individual air pads. There are two trains per system connected via a cable. Once the blowers are energized and the trains lift off the track the force to pull the cable is relatively small, for the weight of the train, because the air pads eliminate any surface or rolling friction.

The trains are normally used for short runs, such as airport satellite terminals to a main terminal, but can operate effectively up to one mile apart.

Because there are no wheels, gas or diesel engines or direct drive electric motors, the system is very quiet and the ride is extremely smooth. Since there are no elements in the drive train that have rolling friction, lubrication needs are minimized, so both maintenance and oil and grease consumption are reduced.

Shuttle System