Supercharger For Gas And Diesel Engines

The Ogura superchargers can be used on engines from under 0.5L to almost 10L. Because the Ogura design is very efficient at low speed versus other types of pumps, it provides a tremendous boost for both gas and diesel engines.

In diesel applications it is not uncommon to see a transient torque increase of 300% when an engine is running around 1000rpm. Ogura superchargers are particularly useful in vehicles that require high torque at low speed. Vehicles that have frequent stops and starts, or are required to accelerate on hills can benefit from Ogura’s superchargers. Off road vehicles that experience great differences in unloaded and loaded weights can also benefit from Ogura’s superchargers.

The addition of an Ogura supercharger to these vehicles allows the vehicle’s designer, in many cases, to use a smaller size engine because the supercharger can give the boost in torque and horsepower that the application requires. So the vehicle’s engine does not have to be over designed for a worst case condition. This saves in both initial design cost and fuel economy because a smaller engine can be used.

Marine engines benefit greatly from the addition of Ogura superchargers. Anything from a personal watercraft to an engine for a work boat can require a sudden burst of horsepower. The Ogura supercharger helps to deliver that boost when needed.